Free Ⅾownload(I'm glad if there is a donation.)


How to attach


Pimax 5k + / 8k prescription lens adapter 3D printing data (free)
The prescription lens uses model "418912" of ZENNI OPTICAL company.
Both ends of the frame are cut off to get a wide view.
By the principle of prescription glasses, the lens is inclined slightly forward.
It does not fall off when attached to the HMD.

There are two types of frames.
One fits around IPD 65 and the other fits around IPD 60.
Choose a frame close to your IPD.


*Because the frame near 60 is narrow, it may hit your nose.
In that case, shave the frame or use a thick face foam.


Free download Pimax 5k 8k prescription lens adapter (STL)

  • I placed 30 prototypes in the trash for this adapter.

    I'm glad if there is a donation.

    It's about $ 1 for 1 bit at ¥ 120.

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